OCCAM Open Source Project


The official site for the development of the OCCAM open source software.

View the Project on GitHub github.com/occam-ra/occam


Contributors are currently are students in both the Computer and Systems Science programs but all are welcome. Putting together proper contributor guidelines and workflow recommendations is a high priority, and is currently active. Before contributing please refer to the following articles:

These will be especially useful if you are new to git and Github collaboration, otherwise they should be a review of Best Practices the Project strives toward.

In addition, while we work to adopt a formal Code of Conduct, please do your best to give others the benefit of the doubt and adhere to the Inverse Golden Rule: Do not unto others that which you would not have done unto you.

The project repository can be found at https://github.com/occam-ra/occam and should include increasingly more technical documentation.

Take a look at the good first issues to jump right in.

The repository for this website can be found at https://github.com/occam-ra/occam-ra.github.io, any Issues and Pull Requests on usability, accessibility, content proofing, etc. are also appreciated.